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If you are the one joining weight lose programs and doing workouts at gym but still your scale number of weight lose is going high then it’s the bad news. If you have lost some weight then you are the real winner if you will be able to maintain it.

 According to the study by Stanford University only 5% people can maintain their health. That means 95% people will put on their fat right back.
1.Just move it After losing weight people discontinue their gym workouts. This is a very bad habit and has proven to be the worst. If you will discontinue the gym then very instantly you will gain weight. According to study by University of Alabama researchers, if you will not work after weight loss it will consequently result in metabolism dip. If you will do 40 minutes of lifting or cardio 3 times a week it will keep your body maintained and healthy.
2.Step on the scale Cornell pushed 10 participants to lose weight. At the first year they achieved the goal and were able to bay it throughout the second…


Today we will tell you about some ways to lose weight much easily than others.

1.Stop obsessing over skinny models If you are the one trying to lose weight then stop keeping skinny model’s photos with you. These habits will demoralize you and will sabotage your weight lose goals. Women who were given loss diaries with a skinny model on the front page can’t lose much weight instead they may gain some. They must have neutral images on their journal. 2.Put your money on it If you want to lose weight then you have to put money in this pool. You must participate in some weight loss groups then merely provided with weight loss education and behavior modification programs. People who will join weight loss groups will lose weight 9.08 ponds whereas the one having only the weight loss education will lose only 2.34 pounds. 3.Get a workout buddy According to the study by University of Pennsylvania proved that one having a friend or soul mate at gym has been most effectively affected at the gym. If a …


Protein helps to reduce your body weight. It will also reduce hunger and will maintain muscle mass and will also help in body buildup. But eating too much protein is also not good for you. So you must eat it in a right quantity. Excessive protein is also not good for your health. It may be stored as fat. So today we will tell you how to know your limits of eating protein.

You must eat according to the recommended daily allowance for the average man and woman. The protein to be consumed by a person is decided according to their weight.

KNOW YOUR GOAL: If you have seen that any product has proven to be good for your friend then that doesn’t mean it will be beneficial to you too. If an athlete wants to lose weight and gain muscles then they must consume 1.2-1.7 g per kg of body weight. According to study 0.45 kg in 1 pound that means a 150 pound person needs about 81-115 g while someone who’s 180 pounds needs 97-138 g.

According to the study done by American Journal of Physiology-Endocr…

Diet for weight loss after pregnancy

If your weight is increasing after pregnancy then practical thinking is needed.You can lose excess fat with little effort.
After pregnancy, women are excited to lose extra weight & become of normal weight gain. Although, its not that easy. Women need to be practical to lose weight after pregnancy. It includes focus on your diet, along with patience, dedication & positive point of view are also important. Its impossible to achieve this task without positive changes in the lifestyle. Lets know about some diets which can help any women to lose weight after pregnancy.

•Proper diet & exercise are important contribution towards weight loss after pregnancy. You need to change the diet & food habits to lose weight after pregnancy.

•Include fiber in your food. Brown rice, fruits, blackberry & whole grains are some good sources of fiber. Soluble fiber helps in prevention of excessive cholesterol & starch absorption from your digestive tract. Black mustard seeds, Oats &a…

Home remedies for weight loss

Reason of obesity is the excessive stored fat in our body. Its measured by Body Mass Index (BMI) of our body. Generally, BMI between 18.5-25 is considered to be normal & if its above 30 then there is a problem of obesity in the body.

BMI is measured by below given method -
BMI = Body Weight (in kg) / Height (in metre) × Height (in metre)

Obesity problem should be reduced as soon as possible because it not only increases your body weight but also there is a risk of various disease like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems. To fight this problem, its necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.
Along with this, some home remedies can speed up the process of reducing belly fat & obesity. Out of these, 10 most effective home remedies are given below -

1. Lemon Juice - Lemon juice is considered to be the most effective way to reduce obesity. It repairs the digestion process & increase detoxification. Digestion process needs to be flawless in order to reduce fat. It p…

Weight loss in thyroid

Weight increases in thyroid because it connects directly with our metabolism. It’s of two types-
1. Hyperthyroidism(Over active thyroid)
2. Hypothyroidism(Under active thyroid)

These two are opposite of each other. In hyperthyroidism, weight gets less whereas hypothyroidism contributes to weight gain.In hypothyroidism, Metabolisms ability to digest food decreases. It can’t digest food easily & quickly. That is why a person gets fat in this disease. If this disease is caught by a fit & healthy male or female person then they wont get fat. In this disease, your precautionary attention is the only thing that can cure you of this.

Most people are getting fat not because of this disease but because of their reckless lifestyle & neglect towards health. Thatswhy, they get fat & unhealthy. Those people who are unaware of this disease & if they eat junk food, then this problem gets worse. Junk food contains high amount of sodium in it.

Hypothyroidism doesn’t increase your …


Today everybody wants to look slim and trim. Everyone desires to jump from traditional to more fashionable wears. For this they control their weight and try on skintight bodysuits.
Jennifer Lawrence shifts herself into s killer body shape. She transformed herself into a beautiful body.

Lawrence implemented some tips told by her former trainer Dalton Wong. They both met at the set of X-Men. He changed her body for that particular movie and gave her skills to change her life. Below given are some tips to get into the body shape like that of Jennifer Lawrence.
1.Stay hydrated: If you feel frequent hunger then instead of eating frequently you must drink water and wait for some time. If the sensation still persists then you can eat food. Water will fill you up so that you will eat less. You must drink lot of water in a day. At least 9-10 glasses of water.
2.Take proper rest: We must sleep properly. Proper rest is good for our health and also it maintains our weight. Person who doesn’t tak…

The best protein powder for very goal

Mixing this simple powder into a shake or pancakes can reduce your weight undoubtedly. Today if we go into any shopping store then what we see is racks decorated or filled up with bulk of protein powders. Varieties includes from whey to beef and egg on one end of spectrum.

Some protein powder has been given below according to your need:
1.To reduce weight:- Garden of Life Raw Meal- This powder contains 1scoop(36g): 120 calories, 2g fat(0g saturated fat), 150 mg sodium, 8g carbs(7g fiber, 1g sugar), 20g protein. This organic protein powder is good for health and for reducing weight it is the one way choice. It is being made from brown rice, quinoa and beans, plus tea and cinnamon. You can take it before a workout it will keep you feeling full energetic. 2.To supplement your diet:- Vega One All-In-One Shake- this powder contains 1 scoop (42 g): 160 calories, 5g fat (0 g saturated fat), 240 mg sodium, 9 g crabs (6 g fiber, 1 g sugar), and 20g protein. Protein is not alone sufficient at the plac…

7 Pound Weight Loss in 4 Days

Drink lots of water - Drink 3 glass of water on empty stomach while sitting in yoga asana. Eat something only after an hour or so. At least drink 3-4 liter of water everyday. Water should be mildly warm. The stored body fat will melt away through sweat or urine because of the mildly warm water. Drinking water helps in detoxification of the body.

Eat less salt or Eat Rock Salt- Use of excessive white salt results in your weight gain because it contains high amount of sodium. So, one should avoid eating such food which contains   excessive white salt i.e. junk food, etc. Use rock salt in cooked vegetables. Use fruits & vegetables which contains less amount of salt like fresh fruits & vegetables, garlic, salad, almond etc.

Importance of Brisk Walk or Running- If you want to lose your weight quickly then you should Brisk walk or run for a few kilometers. Brisk walk or running helps in the better working of your body. It melts away the stored body fat in your body through sweat or…

Lose Weight up to 30-40 pounds just by drinking water

Water container’s bottom should be round when drinking water Because of the roundness of the container, its surface tension gets low.That is why it feels exertion in the stomach.

Drink water slowly rather than drinking it in a single breath- Every sip of water helps in the digestion of food in our stomach.Water drank together in a single sip gets deposited in stomach & stops the digestion of food.It also makes your belly big.
Drink only mildly warm water- 1. Always drink water mildly warm because this helps in slow reduction of the stored belly fat.
2. Drink mildly warm water before going to sleep.
When not to drink water- 1. Do not drink water just after eating or while eating food.
2. Do not drink water just after doing yoga asna.
3. Do not drink water just after playing.
4. Do not drink cold water while your body is too warm & sweating.
5. Do not drink water when lying down on bed.
6. Do not drink water in a single breath.
7. Do not drink water in a plastic bottle.

When to…

Proper ways and time to drink green tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is very helpful to reduce weight, reduce belly fat and for health too. But it is necessary to consume it in correct way for proper effects and also on right time. It boosts our body metabolism and keep us active for whole day and leads weight also.

Who must not drink green tea
1.Small children must not drink it. 2.People who have problem of acidity and ulcer they must avoid green tea. 3.Pregnant women must not drink it in too much amount and must drink it as prescribed. 4.It contains caffeine which affects our blood sugar level and has bad effect on diabetic patients. 5.People who have complaint of high blood pressure must not drink it.
Proper way to drink green tea 1.Never put green tea in boiling water directly. Always put down container from stove and then dip green tea bag or leaves in it. 2.Never add milk in it. It is contain anti-oxidant but adding sugar and milk in it will reduce its effect. 3.We can add honey in green tea. It will increase our metabolism system. 4.For proper re…


Cumin is very useful in reducing weight. Like if we eat gram it will increase demand of water in our body. Like this cumin also throw out fat from body in the form of sweat and toilet. However before implementing this take prescription from you doctor.
Ways to prepare cumin solution Soak two tablespoon of cumin in one glass of hot water. Soak it for 6 hrs. now boil this properly. When water level reduces to half then remove it from gas and add half big spoon of honey to it and drink it.
Solution of cumin and lemon You must have read somewhere that lemon is very healthy for our fitness. It always help in reducing weight. It transform fat of our body into liquid form. When it is added with cumin it will perform its activity more rapidly. It is helpful for those people who do not perform any activity.
Lemon and cumin tea Take two spoon of cumin and put it in one glass of warm water. Soak it for 6 hours then boil it on stove. When water level reduces to half then put it down and add one big spo…

Different Types of Home remedies for Weight Loss

Bad eating habits have increased the risk of obesity among people. we all are falling pray to fat because of our eating habits. fat is mainly on stomach and on waist line. people consume weight loss pills to reduce weight but everything goes in vain.

1. obesity leads to high blood pressure, increase in sugar level, and it also increments the risk to heart problems. so to stay away from these problems and to remain healthy we must avoid bad eating habits and keep control on fat intake quantity.
2. Today in this  generation of buzzy and hectic life many are unable to give attention to there balanced diet. they don’t have time to perform yoga and practice exercise.  
3. working people are unable to follow or implement there balanced diet plan which leads to obesity.
4. we must eat healthy food to make our self healthy not fatty.
5. our balanced diet must include fiber, iron, calcium, protein and rest all nutrition's.
6. we must take every nutrition's in proper and adequate amoun…

थायराइड की समस्या में वजन कम करे | Weight Loss in Thyroid

थायराइड की समस्या में वजन बढ़ने लगता हैं | क्योकि थायराइड का सीधा संबंध
मेटाबोलिज्म से होता हैं | यह दो प्रकार का होता हैं |


यह दोनों ही एक दुसरे के विपरीत होते हैं |  हायपरथायराइडिज्म में वजन कम होता हैं जबकि हायपोथायराइडिज्म में वजन बढ़ता हैं | हायपोथायराइडिज्म में मेटाबोलिज्म के पचाने की क्षमता कम हो जाती हैं | वह भोजन को जल्दी से पचा नहीं सकता हैं | इसलिय व्यक्ति मोटापे के शिकार हो जाते हैं | यदि यह रोग किसी फिटनेस वाले या वाली को हो जाता हैं तब वह मोटापे के शिकार नहीं होते हैं | इस रोग में आपकी सावधानी ही आपके रोग को ठीक कर सकती हैं | जो लोग इस समस्या से नहीं इसकी वजह से मोटापे के शिकार हो रहे हैं वह लोग अपनी सेहत का ख्याल नहीं रखते हैं तभी वो लोग मोटे होते हैं |जिन लोगो को इस बीमारी का पता नहीं होता और यदि वो लोग जंक फ़ूड का इस्तेमाल खाने में करते हैं तब यह समस्या अधिक बढ़ जाती हैं | क्योकि जंक फ़ूड में सोडियम प्रचुर मात्रा में होता हैं  |

हायपोथायराइडिज्म में आपका वजन इतना भी नहीं बढ़ता यह सिर्फ आपके वजन में 5-10 किलो जोड़ता हैं | बाकि का वजन आपके अनिय…

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Assists Weight Loss The ECGC contained in green tea extract limits the negative effects of a fatty diet and smoking. Consumption of green tea extract enhances the process of thermogenesis and increases the rate of metabolism of fat, without increasing the heart rate.

Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Green tea extract helps to lower the LDL (bad) cholesterol that's responsible for clotting of blood. The extract helps prevents stroke and heart attacks. it promotes the production of HDL(good) cholesterol that removes the plaque in the arteries and keeps them elastic. This lowers your risks of suffering from heart disease. Persons suffering from hypertension also benefits by consuming green tea extract, because it lowers blood pressure.
Controls Blood sugar levels The polyphenols presents in green tea extract reduce the amount of amylase that's produced by the body. Amylase is the enzyme that converts that converts starch into sugar. Consuming green tea helps to decreases blood…