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कैसे चमकाए बेकिंग सोडा से दन्त | Get Whitening Teeth with Baking Soda

कैसे बेकिंग सोडा से दन्त चमकाए हम सभी ऐसे उत्पादक का प्रयोग करते है जो काफी महंगे होते है फिर भी ये उत्पादक
 हमारे दन्त को नही साफ कर पाते है| क्यू न हम बेकिंग सोडा(मीठा सोडा) का प्रयोग दन्त साफ करने में उपयोग करे |बेकिंग सोडा जिसे सोडियम बाईकार्बोनेट के रूप में भी जाना जाता है यह एक क्लीनर होता है | जो हमारी दिन चर्या में काफी महत्व रखता हैं | जैसे हम चाय ,कोफ़ी, पिने से हमारे दन्त पीले पड़ जाते है| इस पीलेपन को हटाने के लिए हम बेकिंग सोडा का प्रयोग कर सकते है|

पानी में बेकिंग सोडे को कैसे मिलाये एक पेस्ट या घोल को बनाने के लिए हम छोटे कप में आधा  चम्मच बेकिंग सोडा जिसे हम सोडियम बाईकार्बोनेट भी कहते है| और  4 व 5 बूंद पानी की भी मिलाये व ये भी ध्यान दे की पेस्ट पतला न  हो जाए इसको इस प्रकार मिलाये की ये हमारे टूथब्रश पर आसानी से चिपक जाये |

आप केवल एक या दो मिनट ही अपने दातो पर ब्रश करें आप सामान्य प्रकार से अपने दातो पर ब्रश करें व दरारें और छिद्रों में ब्रश करने पर ध्यान दे | बकिंग सोडा एक हल्का अपघर्षक है जो आपके दातो को नुकसान पहुचा सकता है इसलिए आप एक या दो मिनट से अधिक ब्रश न …

Let’s say Tata Tata bye bye to teeth pain

As we all know about the food that we eat in this modern world. The food that we consume in this modern time not only make us ill whereas it also spoils our teeth. On getting ill most of us try to get its treatment but forget to take the medicine or treatment for teeth. When pain starts in teeth then we come to realize about the problem of teeth and thus consult to doctor which give us big medicines, consuming which further spoils our health. Hence, anyhow it becomes difficult to come out of the situation. If we just become conscious and careful about some of the points we can live our life more happily. Let’s focus on some such points which will be helpful in improvement of teeth condition and body

1.If you don’t have any kind of pain in teeth, let’s follow this strategy and have a look over the results. During morning empty stomach when you do toothpaste, make use of salty water.
2.If you think your paste is not good, I can suggest you a way to prepare it at home. First of all mix mus…


Usually movement in teeth occurs due to diseases named periodontal. It occurs due to gums which effects area and tissues near around teeth. Due to this disease smooth fibre tissues of teeth which are internally connected with bones become smoother. Due to which movement further increases in teeth. This diseases may occurs due to more rubbing of teeth, gum cleaning, increasing age, lack of oral health, infection in gums etc.

1.PASTE OF BLACK PEPPER AND TURMERIC Mixture of these both spices can make our gums strong. On occurrence of problem, make thick paste of grinded black pepper and turmeric root. Apply this paste on teeth which have movement for 30 minutes and leave it like this, or do massage with this paste for 2-3 minutes on your teeth. This method will prevents your teeth from any kind of movement and pain too, and continue with this method till your problem go away.
2.MINT OIL Mint possesses antibacterial and anti-micro bacterial characters which help in keeping us away from teeth …

To get back your gums, follow following treatment

We all know our gums is the base on which our teeth are settled well. And if our gums weaken, very beautiful teeth also starts giving bad look and many problems also start appearing in our mouth. And if well observed only 10 persons out of 100 have good and healthy gums, rest of others will have some or other problem. Today we will be discussing about problems that can occurs in our gums and its treatment. So first of all let’s have a discussion on problems that can happen in gums.

1.Bleeding in gums: - when you wash your mouth after getting up in morning, reason behind them is your gums.
2.Smelling of mouth: - when a person comes near you and after talking a little bit with you, goes away holding his/her nose then it means your gums smell bad.
3. Production of more saliva: - when you are talking to someone else, and if your mouth become sticky it means there is some problem in your gums.
4.Cut in gums: - cut in gums can also be one of the reasons for problems that occur …


WISDOM TEETH: you may be familiar with the thing that wisdom teeth appears in mouth during age of 17 to 21.  It is called wisdom teeth because in this age group only memory level of a child usually fluctuates.
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When wisdom teeth starts arising, people face a lot pain. For curing this pain there are several home remedies which will for sure provides you comfort. When this molar starts growing in you and if you face pain, does gargles with salty water, this will provides you comfort.
But if this pain become intolerable for you better to consult doctor. Because when I have faced this pain I have done gargles and that gave me instant relief also, but when same pain happened to my smaller brother his condition was very critical and impossible for me to explain.
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If fever also occurs to your children in this condition better to consult doctor because during this stage stones also starts forming in throat …


We usually read that don’t eat that, don’t do that or your teeth will get damaged. Eating sweet during night and then sleeping have chances of occurring of worms in teeth. Eating throughout the day also causes pain in gums. Wrong eating behaviors can makes our teeth away from us, thus correct eating behavior is necessary. For this you need not to take tension because Indian food contains many such elements which makes our teeth strong and also removes sensitivity of teeth.

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1.Onion: Onion is very beneficial for health. It contains such characters which kills bacteria in body. Eating food made of onion also prevents teeth from cavity.
2.Pickle: Eating pickle more than limited is harmful for body; it may cause acidity or gas problem. Pickle contains vinegar due to which it do not allow yellowish coating on teeth and also removes accumulated dirty coating from teeth.
3.Sesame: Consumption of sesame is beneficial in every case. It makes our teeth healthy…


Due to improper care and accumulation of plaque, teeth become yellowish. Many times due to consumption of tobacco, wine etc. and due to lack o cleanliness and overeating also spots occur on teeth.  Due to absence of correct knowledge many people make use of chemicals for cleaning their teeth which mainly have bad effects on teeth. Due to all these reasons in present time sensitivity in teeth has become quite common. Yellowish teeth not have bad effect on beauty of our face, whereas it also affects confidence of a person. Today we are going to tell you about some methods for removing yellow color of teeth with help of some useful home remedies, which will be very beneficial for you.

1.Eating carrot daily removes yellow color of teeth. Actually eating carrot after eating food, fibers present in it cleans our teeth well.
2.Grind banana and make its paste, massage with this paste on your teeth daily for 1 minute. After that brush your teeth. Repeating this daily will soon remove your tee…


A glowing smile put stars in your beauty. And for a healthy smile, necessary factors are healthy and shiny teeth. But drinking tea and coffee make a yellow coating on your teeth. Let’s know how to keep your teeth glowing and healthy even with your tea and coffee drinking habits.

DIFFICULT TO LIVE WITHOUT TEA AND COFFEE You cannot live without tea and coffee; from morning till night you sleep many times you drink tea and coffee every day. But do you know that the tea and coffee which you consume for the purpose of making yourself free of weariness, affects your teeth very badly. Tea and coffee contains tannic acid, this acid is used for darkening of any color.  This acid harms your enamel and thus may make your teeth color brown.
CLEANING OF TEETH AFTER DRINKING TEA Difficulty is that you cannot live without tea and coffee. Without it probably you even not able to do any work, but to reduce its effects on teeth some methods can be used. First thing is that after drinking tea and coffee …


Probably you are familiar with the harmful and dangerous effects of stress, but you should also be familiar with this thing that stress and tension also causes teeth grinding or chewing of teeth in own selves, which is known by very few people. You should have knowledge about this unknown habit that how badly it affects your teeth. Teeth grinding mainly occur due to stress. This habit is not life threatening but it may leads to many problems, like teeth grinding effects head and face bones structure, breaking of teeth etc. Before the time it is too late and you needs any treatment for its cure, its better you do treatment of stress and tensions problem.
VICTIM OF BRUKSIZAM   Have anybody said you that you used to grind your teeth during sleep.  Do you wake up due to jaw pain, head ache and neck pain? Do you feel pain in jaws after getting up in morning, do you feel pain in other side of face, and are your teeth sensitive. If you have any of these problems them, you must consult to den…


If teeth are not provided proper care then it may cause you pyorrhea. Teeth are considered to be mirror of health and beauty. But after not cleaning teeth properly after eating food may cause many diseases. Because of lack of cleanliness of teeth, a disease which happens very soon is pyorrhea. Smell in breath, gums bleeding and other kinds of new problems are some symptoms of pyorrhea. Pyorrhea became a common disease because of carelessness towards teeth cleaning. Pyorrhea can cause of soon fall of teeth also.

WHY PYORRHEA HAPPENS Actually our mouth have around 700 varieties of bacteria, which are in millions count. These bacteria save teeth and mouth from diseases. And if tongue, teeth and mouth are not cleaned properly then these bacteria harms our teeth and gums. After getting pyorrhea bones of jaws which used to support teeth get harmed. Pyorrhea mainly happens because of lack of calcium in body, due to problems in gums and carelessness in cleansing of teeth and mouth. In this di…

Get a pearl white teeth: 15 TIPS (Part 01)

In addition to the face and body fitness our teeth is an important part of our health. Beautiful teeth can improve in your smile, with clean teeth you can laugh freely, you will not fell shy in front of others to openly laughing. In these days many toothpaste and other products are available in market. But in so many things get in the kitchen, which it will work smoothly.
1- Baking soda  Teaspoon baking soda in a little water and add a pinch of salt. Now with this paste take clean your teeth. Gave two to three times in a week and you will get whiten teeth.

2-Strawberry This flavored fruit is also effective in polishing the teeth. Make the paste with some strawberries. Clean the teeth. The impact will be evident in a few days.
3-Coconut Oil Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and apply it on your mouth and teeth. Leave 20 minutes. Its anti-microbial properties will also provide the security for gum. Brush oil by some tear paste.
4-Green vegetables, Fruit Green vegetables, fruits such as …