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Proper ways and time to drink green tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is very helpful to reduce weight, reduce belly fat and for health too. But it is necessary to consume it in correct way for proper effects and also on right time. It boosts our body metabolism and keep us active for whole day and leads weight also.

Who must not drink green tea
1.Small children must not drink it. 2.People who have problem of acidity and ulcer they must avoid green tea. 3.Pregnant women must not drink it in too much amount and must drink it as prescribed. 4.It contains caffeine which affects our blood sugar level and has bad effect on diabetic patients. 5.People who have complaint of high blood pressure must not drink it.
Proper way to drink green tea 1.Never put green tea in boiling water directly. Always put down container from stove and then dip green tea bag or leaves in it. 2.Never add milk in it. It is contain anti-oxidant but adding sugar and milk in it will reduce its effect. 3.We can add honey in green tea. It will increase our metabolism system. 4.For proper re…

Green Tea 10 Amazing Benefits

Today Green Tea has become the most consuming tea in the world. Every single nutrient of green has now been made in the form of capsules. There are plenty of antioxidants inside the Green Tea that protect various organs of our body such as protecting the heart, protecting the liver, protecting the brain and eliminating all the possibilities of cancer.

In many studies, Green Tea is used to reduce weight, and even green tea has been used in many weight loss foods. Let's talk about the advantages of green tea.

1. Contains excessive amount of antioxidant. Within it, there are high amounts of antioxidants which remove the bad cells and create new cells. Due to defective cells, you may get old age disease, cancer, and old age. There are good qualities in it that increase the antibodies in the body.

2. Keeps the heart healthy Due to oxidative stress, the amount of fat in the blood increases. Which produces inflammation in arteries and apply high blood pressure. Because of the presence o…

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Assists Weight Loss The ECGC contained in green tea extract limits the negative effects of a fatty diet and smoking. Consumption of green tea extract enhances the process of thermogenesis and increases the rate of metabolism of fat, without increasing the heart rate.

Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Green tea extract helps to lower the LDL (bad) cholesterol that's responsible for clotting of blood. The extract helps prevents stroke and heart attacks. it promotes the production of HDL(good) cholesterol that removes the plaque in the arteries and keeps them elastic. This lowers your risks of suffering from heart disease. Persons suffering from hypertension also benefits by consuming green tea extract, because it lowers blood pressure.
Controls Blood sugar levels The polyphenols presents in green tea extract reduce the amount of amylase that's produced by the body. Amylase is the enzyme that converts that converts starch into sugar. Consuming green tea helps to decreases blood…

How to keep skin safe in winter weather, learn 15 tips (Part 05)

Last article gave you knowledge of four nutrition and here some more for you, I hope it will help you in this winter season.
5- Fenugreek Fenugreek hot pancakes, it has its own joys of eating with the marinade. Eat it in the form of vegetable or bread making, is beneficial. Its effect is warm, so plenty to eat it in the winter. The iron, vitamins, minerals and fibres are in rich level. To reduce the level of cholesterol in the body in patients with diabetes helps reduce the level of sugar. It is extremely useful in maintaining correct digestion.

6-Peas Make casserole cheese mix with pea, it have a great test. Cottage cheese with gravy designed it, so it must have tasty and healthy by putting everything goes. According to a recent research, leguminous vegetables significantly reduces the risk of stomach cancer.
7-Mustard greens Mustard greens are rich in Nutrition as well in anti-antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. In winter, this spinach and mixed greens keeps the body warm. Nutritio…