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Today we will tell you about some ways to lose weight much easily than others.


1.    Stop obsessing over skinny models
If you are the one trying to lose weight then stop keeping skinny model’s photos with you. These habits will demoralize you and will sabotage your weight lose goals. Women who were given loss diaries with a skinny model on the front page can’t lose much weight instead they may gain some. They must have neutral images on their journal.
2.    Put your money on it
If you want to lose weight then you have to put money in this pool. You must participate in some weight loss groups then merely provided with weight loss education and behavior modification programs. People who will join weight loss groups will lose weight 9.08 ponds whereas the one having only the weight loss education will lose only 2.34 pounds.
3.    Get a workout buddy
According to the study by University of Pennsylvania proved that one having a friend or soul mate at gym has been most effectively affected at the gym. If a part of group received motivational videos and other having a partner then the one having a partner will lose weight much easily and rapidly.
4.    Lay off the pot
A study done by Imperial College London it has been proved that marijuana users tend to produce less dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that is directly linked to the motivation. Study says that effects in this study are reversible if you stop smoking blunts and eating pot brownies.
5.    And quit smoking cigarettes, too
Study done by Respirology has found that smokers become lazy and are less motivated to change.
6.    Hang with other people losing weight
According to a study it has been found that you must live in a company of a person trying to lose weight. Being surrounded by others with similar goals is a boon for weight loss and you will be motivated to lose weight.
7.    Don’t rely on your fitness tracker
It’s not right to rely on fitness tracker all the time. According to the study of University of Pittsburgh it has been found that these monitors are not reliable. According to them those who wore this monitor and joined weight lose programs lost less weight than those who were simply involved in the behavioral weight loss program.
8.     Chant these words
If you will chant word then it will be easy for you to run on treadmill. According to study published in Frontiers of Psychology “I can do better” is the magical word to be chanted while doing yoga or any type of workout.
9.    Don’t make it about the scale
Never rely on scale. According to a study done by University of Chicago Booth School of Business says that if you want to lose weight than simply enjoy doing your workouts.
10.  Identify as a ‘healthy eater’

According to a January 2016 study done by the journal self & identity, person who identify him with a particular role start to take on the qualities. 


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