Top potassium rich food

Potassium is very important for our heart & muscles. Its filled with minerals & vitamins. Potassium is important just as sodium is necessary.

Top potassium rich food
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Potassium repairs blood flow. Also, it prevent blood veins from oxidation damage. If you don’t take necessary potassium intake then what damage can occur. Let’s know.

What is the deficiency in the body due to lack of potassium –

1. Body gets dehydrated. If there is a lack of potassium in your body then high amount of sweating will occur.
2. Sometimes hands & legs can become numb & heartbeat can fluctuate.
3. Immune system goes down & that is why body feels tired all the time.
4. You feel nauseous. Vomiting & dizziness happens. There is an unquenchable thirst.
5. Every time, there is an increase in urine & urinary excretion.
6. Low blood pressure.
7. Worried all the time.

Advantages of potassium rich food – 

1. Keeps the heart healthy :

You can detect many diseases just by listening to the heartbeat. So, keep your heartbeat normal & eat potassium rich food.

2. Keeps the muscles strong :

Makes your muscles strong by reducing twitch & if you have twitch in the muscles then it means lack of potassium in the body. If a runner, does not get necessary potassium before running then their muscles will stretched or strained.

3. Reduces the risk of stroke :

Many research shows that those people who have high amount of potassium in the body are less likely to get a stroke.

4. Reduces high blood pressure :

Those people with high amount of sodium are victims of high blood pressure. So, to reduce high blood pressure, eat potassium rich food.

5. Sodium brings nutrient to cells while potassium excludes toxic & waste elements from cells. If your consumption of sodium is less, then you can start eating potassium rich food. This will decrease cellulite presence significantly.

6. Potassium is related to the health of bones in a big way. To maintain healthy bones, its important to eat potassium rich food.

7. Potassium is important to ensure the right process for carbohydrates consumed by you.

Some main potassium food – 

Pear –

You get 1067 mg potassium in one pear fruit. Potassium reduces any metabolism related risk.

Pumpkin –

You get 896 mg potassium in one cup of pumpkin. You will get high amount of anti oxidants in it too. These type of anti oxidants prevent you from cancer like skin cancer, breast cancer etc.

Sweet potato –

Sweet potato is better than simple white potato in terms of nutrients. You get Beta Carotin, Vitamin C & B6 in it. It helps you in ulcer. It works like a pain reliever in ulcer.

Dried Apricots –

These are also called peach. It contains 756 mg potassium in 1/2 cup. It won’t increase your weight & will give you high amount of potassium.

Pomegranate –

You get 667 mg potassium in a pomegranate. Pomegranate juice or seeds both contains 667 mg potassium. You get high amount of fiber, vitamin c & k in it. It reduces stress. Pomegranate juice is better than other juices.

Coconut Water –

You can get potassium rich food in the form of water. Yes, I am indeed talking about coconut water. It doesn’t contain high levels of calories or sugar. Intestinal gas, constipation etc can be prevented by drinking it. You get 600 mg potassium in a cup of coconut water.

Banana –

1 big banana contains 487 mg potassium. But it also contains high amount of calories & carbohydrates. It maintains your muscles. Along with this, it also your need of water for the body.