People those who are trying to weight loss must eat
healthy breakfast in the morning. Healthy breakfast will lead you to a healthy
life. It will not only help you to remain healthy but also it will help in
weight loss.
You must eat healthy breakfast and get back to work.
This will make your body slim and trim. One pound is 3,500 calories and if you
will cut 5,749 calories a week that means you are losing more than one pound of
calories in a week.
with the sugar
People who drink coffee in the
morning are in taking sugar indirectly that means they are collecting 20
calories in the starting of the day. Average Americans drink 2 cups of the
stuff and that number hops to 280 each week. So better to drink it black or
splash in some milk just keep sugar out from your eatables. It will save 280
butter bagels
If you are eating begal then also you
are in danger. It’s not because you are topping it with cream cheese on it. It
will be very difficult for you to leave it but we will give you a choice of
begal thin. It is of the same flavor and same brand. It will cut your calorie
intake by more than half. It will save 260 calories.
People who are in habit of eating
toast in the morning breakfast are not doing all well. Each slice of wheat
bread contains 69 calories. We will suggest you to eat sweet potato instead of
it. You can toss slice of this veggie into toaster and can serve it. 100 grams
of this contains 161 calories which very less than the calories offered by
toasted bread slice. It will save 483 calories.
it up at Starbucks
We will suggest you to go with grande
green tea instead of a Starbucks coffee. You can serve it iced or steaming. It
comes full of caffeine and metabolism-boosting and has less than 50 calories.
As you must stay away from Starbucks coffee but same goes with Frappuccino too.
It contains sugar as well as 375 calories. Better not to star your day with
sugary Starbucks. Otherwise you will pound yourself with 2,625 more calories in
a single week. You will save 2,625 calories.
go for faux
You must not prefer jam over fresh
fruits. It contains more sugar. If you consume a tablespoon of this processed
stuff then you will consume 56 calories. So you must opt for real raspberries
instead. That will be healthy for you. You can eat half a cup three times a
week and save yourself the 72 calories you had met with raspberry jelly. You
will save 72 calories.
the Greek
You will continue eating Yoplait’s
thick and creamy peaches and cream yogurt then you are ruining your weight loss
goals. If you are starting your day with 180 calories then we will suggest you
to go with Greek variety. We suggest Siggi’s 0% strained Icelandic-style skyr.
5 ounce cup will fill you with only 100 calories. Swapping four times a week
will save 320 calories. You will save 320 calories this way.
sweet cereal
If you buy cereal from market in
healthy packets then that doesn’t mean you are in safe zone. For instance if
you buy honey bunches of oats whole grain honey crunch cereal it isn’t a good
choice. You can opt for 110 cal serving of special K red berries every weekday
will halve your calorie intake and will cut down on sugar. You will save 550
with purpose
Excess is always harmful. Milk also
contains calories. Just one cup of it is 103. It doesn’t matter how you intake
it. You consume it by adding it in some coffee or pouring it in your cereal
bowl or drinking it straight it will somehow affect you. We are not asking you
to avoid it but option of drinking it three times a week is good. You can drink
cup of Silk’s almond it will fill you with only 43 fewer calories. You can save
129 calories.
up your meat
If you are a fan of Trader Joe then
loving it’s each and every product is not good. If you are buying their product
for instance peppered and uncured turkey bacon and eating it in breakfast will
give you 40 calories a day. However if you will eat it once a week you will
come close to doubling that number at 50 more calories.
10.  Choose different cheese
100 grams of cheese will fill you
with 342 calories and 34 grams of fat. You can opt for a cottage cheese in same
amount which will help you save 488 calories. You will save 488 calories this
11.  Know your limits
If you are in habit of eating yolk
which is rich in vitamin B and immune boosting selenium then, also you can cut
a bunch of calories by opting only egg whites. The American Heart Association
advises not to eat 1.5 eggs for breakfast a day. If you are preparing omelet
then also adding yolk with whites will thicken your dish.
12.  Spoon out these oats…
Quaker oatmeal says it is good for
weight loss but it’s not true. You can use fresh fruits and nuts for topping
your dish instead of maple brown sugar. You must always reach for this brand’s
original organic instant oatmeal. You will save 300 calories this way.
13.  …But write out these waffles

You must eat Kashi’s brand of
waffles. This will provide you fiber and 40 fewer calories, and fruits are at
much higher rate. You can serve it as Sunday brunch. It is the beat amongst all
best and worst frozen breakfast foods. You can save 40 calories with it.